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Main lights

All caravans must fitted with two rear lights of the size and bearing the relevant CE mark. If the caravan extends for more than 40cm beyond the outer edge of the of the towing vehicles sidelights, or was built after 1985 and is more than 1.6m wide, side lights are also required. Any caravans that are more than 2.1m wide must be fitted with marker lights, fitted as high as is practicable on the side or at the front and rear.

All caravans must be fitted with flashing direction indicators that operate in unison with those of the towing vehicle. There must also be a means by which the driver is alerted if the indicators on the caravan fail. Acceptable means are buzzers or repeater lights that operate whilst the indicator is activated when the caravan is coupled to the towing vehicle, hence alerting the driver of failure should the repeater lights or buzzer not operate when indicating.


If the caravan you are towing was manufactured before January 1971 it is required to have a minimum of one stoplight fitted to the rear of the caravan. If the caravan was produced after January 1971 (the vast majority of those now in use) there must be two stoplights fitted to the rear of the caravan symmetrically at the same height from the ground.

Fog lights.

If the caravan was produced on or after 1 October 1979, it must be fitted with either one on the offside or a matched set of rear foglights. The bulbs fitted must not exceed 25W, and must be wired so that they can only be used when the headlight or foglights of the towing vehicle are in operation. There should also be a driver warning light fitted in the towing vehicle. You are permitted to disconnect the towing vehicles rear foglights whilst towing, but you must remember to co

nnect them after you uncouple the caravan.


All caravans must be fitted with two triangular reflectors, usually solid red or red with a white center, however there are four types permitted by law. If the caravan is over 5m in length, excluding the drawbar, it must be fitted with two amber reflectors on each side of the caravan.

Number plate.

The caravan must be fitted with a registration plate matching that of the vehicle to which it is coupled. The registration plate must be fitted with an illumination device and may be either reflective or non-reflective so long as conforms to the same size and colour restrictions as those applied by law on cars. You must also ensure that the tow ball does not obscure the registration plate on the towing vehicle.


All of the laws that apply to car tyres also apply those on caravans. Re-cut or remoulds must not be used on caravan wheels. You must not mix radials and cross-ply tyres on the same axle. It is an offence if the actual laden weight of your caravan exceeds the maximum load weight of the tyres fitted.



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